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Daily Scheduled Pick Up and Delivery:

Do you need a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly delivery? Scheduled deliveries are performed based on the needs of each individual client. We provide dedicated reliable deliveries to fit the specific needs of each customer. With availability 24/7/365 we have the right solution to deliver on time, every time.

On-Demand Delivery or Same Day Delivery:

Our staff is always on call to meet your needs, whether it's a holiday, after hours or the weekend. You can count on us to do the work for you. When tomorrow is too late, we deliver today!

Airport Delivery:

Need a ride to the airport or simply need your luggage, package or materials picked up or delivered to the airport? Yes, we can take care of it for you.

Legal and Professional Courier Services:

Do you have a letter, package or parcel that needs guaranteed delivery in a hurry? Whether it’s deadline filings, last minute contract changes or real estate package, Fairlane Logistics & Delivery will go the distance to help when it matters most.  Larger size courier services can also be accommodated.

Medical Courier Services:

Safety, speed and reliability are key transportation factors for the Medical Industry. Fairlane Logistics & Delivery understands the importance of medical courier needs because sometimes getting your package there is a matter of human life. We provide rush same day delivery to and from Hospitals and Pharmacies. Whether your delivery is for a laboratory, pharmacy, medical equipment provider, hospital or directly to a patient’s home, our drivers get it there on time!

Landscaping Materials Delivery:

Don't have the time, personnel or equipment to pick up your landscaping materials to finish the project or your vendor can't deliver when you need it? We have the personnel and equipment to help you finish on time. Simply place the order through your vendor and we will pick up and deliver to your jobsite.